HVAC maintenance during a pandemic

HVAC maintenance during a pandemic

Nick May 27, 2021

I had worked for this contractor for three years when COVID hit hard, and he let me go.

I would come to find out that he kept several members of the team, just not me.

As you might imagine I was a little upset about this, and sort of went into a tailspin for a few weeks. Then I decided to use my time wisely. Since I was cooped up in quarantine, and had no job, I might as well try and promote myself. I started a Youtube channel called “Doing Your Own HVAC Maintenance During a Pandemic” and it turned into a big hit. Thanks to the presence of a global pandemic and an airborne virus, people were more concerned about air quality than ever before. This was also a time when it was considered risky to have outsiders come into your home, so calling an HVAC tech to come work on your system was not an option many people wanted to consider. Here I was to give them tips and tricks, and basic knowledge everyone could understand, about taking the best care of your HVAC system, and getting the most out of it. This included stuff like basic air filter science, and how to clean and reuse an air filter if you can’t get a new one. I discussed the advantages of smart thermostats, and how they could benefit your health and reduce your utility bills at the same time. Now that the lockdown is over and the pandemic is fading away, I need to find a new topic for my HVAC channel.


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