Bike ride is an enjoyable workout

Bike ride is an enjoyable workout

Nick July 26, 2021

A little over four years ago, my husband and I were done with the long, sub zero winters up north.

  • We were frustrated with being trapped inside the house for more than six months of the year.

We hated dealing with the feet of snow accumulation. We sold our house and moved south. I really prefer the weather in our new location. Although the summer conditions are hot and humid, the winter temperature never drops below freezing. Since we are accustomed to temperatures dropping down to negative twenty-five degrees for weeks at a time, there’s never a time when I can’t head outside. One of the first things I bought after the move was a bicycle. There is a paved path that travels right near our house and extends over fifty miles in either direction. It winds through wooded areas and motorized vehicles are not permitted to utilize it. My bicycle features a comfy seat and a good-sized basket so I can carry necessities or take care of errands. I have added holsters for my water bottle, phone and a bluetooth speaker. I listen to music while I ride. Along my route, I regularly spot turtles, chipmunks, birds and butterflies along the route. Riding my bike is probably my favorite type of workout. I can easily elevate intensity by switching to a higher gear, pedaling quicker or riding further distances. I like to take a twenty-minute ride to an athletic field. The field offers wide open grassy fields along with paved sidewalks, picnic tables, bathroom facilities and shaded areas. It is an ideal spot to run wind sprints and go through a series of lunges and squats. I spread out my towel for ab crunches and stretching. I usually devote around forty minutes working out at the field. After that, I ride my bike home.



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