Biking, running and swimming combine into a great workout

Biking, running and swimming combine into a great workout

Nick July 26, 2021

Now that the conditions have finally warmed up enough that I can be outside, I’ve figured out an especially great workout.

It combines all types of exercises, keeps things exciting and increases the intensity level for me.

I ride my bike to the athletic field. The path takes about twenty-five minutes and is largely downhill, offering an ideal warmup for me. As soon as I arrive at the field, I devote about ten minutes to stretching and loosening up my muscles. I then use the track to run anywhere from three to six miles. There’s no need to worry about traffic, potholes, uneven pavement or wonder over distance. The track is perfectly maintained and the lanes are well marked. I enjoy competing against myself. I make an effort to increase my pace and beat my personal best record. After I’ve run for however many miles, I stretch before getting back on the bicycle. The trip home is more strenuous because I’m riding uphill. It’s a challenging ride and I’m always drenched in sweat by the time I arrive home. I then dive right into the swimming pool. Even if the water is chilly, it feels wonderful. I swim laps for about half an hour. There’s no harmful impact on my joints and I cool off. I always feel completely refreshed and loose following the swim. I complete the workout by soaking in the hot tub for 15 to 20 minutes. I drink water, relax and consider the day ahead. I’m in a great mood, feel energized and am eager to enjoy a productive day.

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