Group fitness training classes are a great way to meet new friends in a new city

Group fitness training classes are a great way to meet new friends in a new city

Nick August 26, 2021

It has been hard on me adjusting to a new environment while knowing almost no one in a three hundred mile radius.

  • I had no choice but to leave the city where I attended college and where all of my friends live.

My desire to work as a botanist limited my career prospects and I had to compromise by widening my search area to the entire country. Although it wasn’t my first choice to uproot myself and move five hundred miles across the country, that’s what I had to do to survive. I can’t complain about my job because it’s great working as a researcher in a lab where all of your coworkers are as passionate about their work as you are. However, none of us hang out after work and our relationships are strictly professional. As a last ditch effort to meet new friends, I joined some group fitness training classes at the gym that I recently started attending. I chose this particular fitness center because of their rotating membership discounts. If you sign up for a membership in your birthday month, you get 30% off for six months. There are other promotions offered if you refer friends to the gym and they sign up for memberships themselves. After joining several group fitness training classes, I started meeting dozens of other people my age who were also looking to make friends. Now I have a group of buddies to go drinking with on the weekends whenever we’ve been busy at the gym for several hours working out and sweating to death. It’s a nice night cap to a day full of exercising.

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