I hired a reupholstering service.

I hired a reupholstering service.

Nick August 26, 2021

While my husband and I were having a fantastic honeymoon, there was supposed to be someone watching our home.

Instead of watching the house, they were destroying it.

The boy had a frat party and all of our furniture had been covered with beer and other unrecognizable stains. I called the boy’s parents and they told me they would cover the cost of whatever it was to have the furniture reupholstered and the house cleaned. Our homeowners insurance covered most of the cost. I had to get an estimate from a reupholstering service. They had to reupholster nearly every piece of furniture we owned. While the reupholstering service had our furniture in the shop, we had to get rental furniture so we had something to sit and sleep on. I was so upset that we didn’t have our own furniture that I chose whatever was available. Even our bedrooms had been violated. It was almost three months before I heard from the reupholstering service. They told me that they had to replace a lot of the inner padding because the alcohol had seeped into it. If I didn’t have new padding, I would always have the smell of old alcohol. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to reupholster wood furniture and overstuffed furniture. The price the reupholstering service was going to charge was more than we had paid for the furniture when we bought it. When we finally got it back into the house, it was like new furniture. When I showed the bill to our friend, whose son was supposedly watching our house, she was in shock. Then I told her that all she was responsible for was the insurance deductible.

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