My wife loves her new gym

My wife loves her new gym

Nick August 26, 2021

My wife’s new thing is the aquatics class at the gym, she loves it.

I don’t know the first thing about it, other than the class is hosted in the shallow end of a pool, but I know that it has her excited for the next class.

I am actually envious of her, because she has the ability to invest herself into things like this in a genuine way. I can go to a class with her, but it’s like going to school or to church, and I just don’t care. She genuinely loves these classes, they make her excited, and that translates into quality time at the gym. My wife has lost over thirty pounds in the last year, not through suffering, but by having a great time at the gym. They offer such a wide variety of workout classes that she can switch it up whenever she starts to get bored and try something new. There is always something new at this gym, it seems. Even on days she doesn’t take classes she will sometimes go in just to hit the steam room or the dry sauna, or to relax in one of the hot tubs. As for me, the only workouts I get are out in the yard, doing the chores that need to be done. I might join her at the gym more often, but I don’t want to interrupt the flow she has going right now. You can’t argue with results, and since joining this gym my wife has been much healthier, happier, and skinnier.

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