Movers with cooling specialist skills

Movers with cooling specialist skills

Nick September 22, 2021

My boyfriend was moving houses and he was apprehensive about how he would connect the HVAC system in the new house.

Advised him to seek the services of a good moving company such as the one that helped my parents to move because they also helped and guided them on how to operate the a/c.

On the day of moving, when they got to the new house, they unpacked and arranged his things. At a very small fee, they offered to come the next day and do a full service on the HVAC unit including duct cleaning of the air duct. Since I was there, I called my mom and told her all about it and they were quite happy that we sought the services of this particular moving company because they impressed them. The ductwork was in perfect condition and so was the furnace filter. His bedroom was fitted with a HEPA filter unit as an air purification help it needed replacing in less than a month to better the air quality which was not urgent and could wait. The cooling specialist also cleaned the washable filter but he advised my boyfriend that when he was getting the other filter replaced by the residential HVAC professionals, they should replace that one as well. He left the cooling system as good as new. This mover had the skills and expertise of a commercial HVAC provider and my partner made a promise to recommend them to any person who was planning a move. He was so excited he actually started planning his next move which I found hilarious. We spoke for a while about the units and how we had found ourselves in such a situation.

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