So happy about the air purification help I was able to get

So happy about the air purification help I was able to get

Nick September 22, 2021

I have suffered from serious dust allergies for the longest time.

Some weeks are better than others however since I moved in with my now-husband, they have worsened to a huge degree which he even pointed out.

He went ahead and brought a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter which helped when it came to the rugs and the carpet in the basement. One afternoon when I was going through my Instagram feed, I came across a commercial Heating and A/C machine provider that was legitimately pleasing to the eyes. I decided to look into more and saw an article on how crucial it is to have your Heating and A/C machine tested regularly at proper intervals, cleaning and replacing gas furnace filters and washable filters. There was even something about how your air quality could become a great deal better or improve a single’s allergies. This felt something like a direct message from the gods, and I got a hold of the residential Heating and A/C machine contractor to do a thorough check on our Heating and A/C machine as quickly as possible. I continued my research and came across several a/c machines. There were some that were ductless however since ours had an HVAC duct I did not dwell much on it. In a couple of days, the cooling specialist came and after a complete check of the entire cooling machine, he did a duct cleaning procedure on the HVAC duct. He also installed an air purification machine in the dining room to scrub and purify the air of the toxins, smells, and dust particles. This is mainly since I spent a great deal of time in the dining room. I love relaxing there all the time. I was impressed by how my allergic reactions improved in such a short while. I was able to lead a truly normal life and carry out my normal activities comfortably.



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