Getting involved with corporate wellness program

Getting involved with corporate wellness program

Nick November 23, 2021

The company that I work for instituted a corporate wellness plan a little over a year ago.

For the first few months, I ignored it.

I put in my hours at the office and go home. I didn’t want to join their softball team, the company pool league or take part in the corporate wellness program. One day I was in the breakroom eating my lunch when some of my coworkers started talking about free gym membership. They mentioned group fitness classes, swimming, racquetball, tanning and steam rooms. All of that sounded really wonderful to me. I looked into the perks of the corporate wellness program and realized that I could take advantage of a free gym membership as well. The gym is located within walking distance from our office building. When I stopped in to take a look, I was amazed by all of the amenities. The gym is huge and ultra modern. There are rows of all kinds of treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, stairmasters and rowing machines. There is a section that is totally devoted to strength training machines and another area set up with weight benches and dumbbells. I love the rock climbing wall, indoor track, punching bags and battle ropes. I really enjoy swimming laps in the pool, soaking in the hot tub or relaxing in the steam room. The group classes are probably the best feature. I’ve taken spin, HIIT, pilates and yoga classes so far. Now that I spend time at the gym at least five days per week, I’ve lost weight, gained strength and feel healthier. I’m happier and more successful at work. I’ve made friends with some of my coworkers and enjoy an overall better quality of life.

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