Giving it a test run

Giving it a test run

Nick November 22, 2021

Every single time I go to buy a new car I like to test drive it around the car lot before making the deal to purchase.

And the reason I do this is not the one you would expect.

It has nothing to do with making sure the car runs great. I know my cars and know what’s good and what’s not so good. The reason I like to do around the lot test drives is to check out the central heating and air conditioning system that is in the car. Heating and air conditioning is very important in a car in my opinion. Especially if you do long drives to and from work daily like me. When it is really hot out you are going to want the best quality air conditioning in a car to keep you in pure comfort while doing those long daily drives. And the same when it is super cold in the winters. You do not want to be freezing your tail off. You will want to be cozy and warm in your car with the greatest central heating that you can possibly get in a vehicle. Every car I buy has the best top of the line central heating and air conditioning for this very reason. I test drive it before buying, and if the heating or the air conditioning is not up to par, I will turn down the car and keep looking at others until I find one that already had quality heating and air conditioning inside of it. Heating and air conditioning is what I thrive on.

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