I’m leaving my HVAC job finally

I’m leaving my HVAC job finally

Nick November 23, 2021

I had been working in the heating plus a/c industry for over a decade… I made wonderful money plus had a steady job with one of the most top plus popular heat plus a/c companies in our city; however, one day I just decided that I was sick plus also sleepy from heating plus a/c! I was simply bored with it, then the same routine day after day just got boring as ever, and fixing central heating plus a/c units, plus then occasionally installing central heating plus a/c units.

Day in plus day out of the same was taking its toll.

I wanted something more in life, something more interesting. So I decided to go back to school for a year plus get our degree in law to become a lawyer! This week I hold down a job for a law firm plus make a lot more than I was as a certified heating plus a/c specialist. The way I dress is more bizarre too, and being a certified heating plus a/c specialist I was dirty all the time. Now I am wearing 3 piece suits yearly plus a scrub as a whistle, and you would never assume that in our past I worked with heating plus a/c component for over a decade! I do admit that on chance I do miss the heating plus cooling business. But, at the same time I will not look back. That part of our life is long done plus I am now moving forward with this modern work in law.



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