You never do really know

You never do really know

Nick November 23, 2021

One thing I can tell you when it comes to HVAC technology is that you never know exactly what is around the corner! It seems that HVAC technology is always upgrading and changing every single time we blink an eye.

One minute we are using regular dial thermostats, then the next it is digital thermostats, and now today we are here with programmable thermostats which are also known as smart thermostats! It really is mind boggling when you think about it.

The way they come up with this advanced HVAC technology almost overnight really blows my mind all together. I can still remember when window air conditioning units were what we used for air conditioning in the summer time hot months of the year. And then before we knew it, there was central air conditioning as well as central heating. At first it was only for the rich folks and commercial buildings. But then in another blink of an eye it was affordable and now today, everyone has central heating and air conditioning. This would not have even been thought of as being possible 30 to 40 years ago! This is what I mean by you never really know when it comes to heating and air conditioning technology. What is here today could be obsolete and totally changed tomorrow. And then we will be running out to invest in whatever the latest and greatest is in heat and a/c technology. I really am amazed by all of this as I sit here and really truly think about it all!

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