We spent over 1500 dollars on it

We spent over 1500 dollars on it

Nick May 6, 2022

We just celebrated our 18th anniversary and purchased an electric fireplace.

We planned to buy an electric fireplace for many years so we would manage to have romantic days at the lake house while saving money not having to go to high-priced hotels to get the fireplace experience.

We chose to remain childless, so having an electric fireplace at the lake house for decoration and romance is the best. We celebrated our 18th anniversary by buying a costly gourmet meal from a top eating establishment in the area which they delivered. That evening we ate it and had nice wine by the electric fireplace which in so many ways is like an authentic real fireplace. That was a perfect night for us. The electric fireplace entirely added enhancement to it. Electric fireplaces, we saw, are starting to go up in price so it was awesome we were able to get it on sale. We still spent over 1500 dollars on it, however it was about several hundred bucks off the official price. So that was great and put the price at what the electric fireplaces cost about two years back. Without this electric fireplace we would have had to go and pay for a at some extravagant hotel. And that would mean spending hundred dollars for just one night. Our electric fireplace entirely was the best investment. If you can afford an electric fireplace for your home, we say go for it.

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