I am going to free up the HVAC closet

I am going to free up the HVAC closet

Nick June 23, 2022

A man definitely designed my house.

  • The house is perfect if you are a man, not so much a woman.

There is a giant living room with a TV mount right in the middle of it. There are plugs in the floor so you can plug in a powered recliner. There is one room that has a botl, metal door and storage for guns. What there isn’t is storage. The bathroom storage is one small closet and all there is in the kitchen is under the sink. The hallway closet is jammed packed with a water heater and the indoor HVAC component. I can only wedge a bucket, mop, broom and vacuum in there. I am not pleased at all. I have built a shelf above both units that can hold rags and cleaners, but it isn’t much. The HVAC sits on a platform and can’t have anything underneath to block airflow. The water heater basically goes to the ceiling. Someday I am going to free up that closet. I want to get a tankless water heater that is much more compact. I also want the HVAC unit to turn into a ductless component. That way I can have zone control and free up that space. The indoor units would be wall mounted in the bedrooms instead of the closet. I would get a single chunk of that closet space. Zone control would be pretty sweet to have too. I could save energy by not providing HVAC to unused rooms. I also could be the right temperature in bed at night for once.


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