My apartment needed wasp removal

My apartment needed wasp removal

Nick July 27, 2022

For reasons unknown to me, it seems that the wasps have chosen my apartment as their new place of residence.

Well I was about ready to evict them, because I did not need or want those wasps near me.

I already contacted my landlord about it, but my landlord seemed like he could care less about my situation. So I knew this was going to be an issue that I would have to tackle on my own. So I did my research on yellow jackets and yellow jacket removal. While researching I saw there were some places that offered wasp rescue as well as places that offered wasp extermination. I don’t care what these businesses do with the wasps when they have them, I just want them gone. So when I was comparing the local exterminators and yellow jacket rescues, I was going purely on price. I knew they were going to charge to drive out here, and eventually I chose to go with an exterminator. After calling the exterminator, they are able to come out and get rid of the wasps in the next few days. I will be so glad to get rid of those wasps, because right now I am afraid to open my own door because usually the wasps will swarm around my door and even get in my apartment! That wasp exterminator can’t come quick enough. I am hoping after the wasps are removed that they won’t come back, otherwise getting the exterminator to come out might become a routine thing.


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