She contacted her landlord

She contacted her landlord

Nick July 27, 2022

For some reason, it seems that the wasps have chosen Crystal’s home as their new digs.

Crystal was thinking about evicting them, because she didn’t need or want those wasps near her.

She already contacted her landlord about it, but he didn’t seem at all concerned about her situation. Crystal knew this was going to be a problem that she’d have to tackle on her own. So, she did her research on wasps and wasp removal. While reading more information, she saw there were some folks who offered wasp rescue and others that offered wasp extermination. Crystal doesn’t care what these businesses do with the wasps when they have them, she just wants them gone. Therefore, when she was comparing the local exterminators and wasp rescues, she was only checking the cost. She knew they were going to charge to drive out to her apartment. Finally, Crystal chose to go with an exterminator. Once she’d spoken with the exterminator, they said they’d manage to come out and get rid of the wasps in the next few afternoons. Crystal will be so joyful to get rid of those wasps, because right now she’s afraid to open her own door. Usually the wasps will swarm around her door and even get in her apartment. That wasp exterminator can’t come quick enough. Crystal is hoping after the yellow jacket removal they won’t come back. If they do, she will hire the exterminator once more.


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