Still basking in the HVAC glory from this winter

Still basking in the HVAC glory from this winter

Nick July 19, 2022

Okay, it’s mid July and I’m sure all of my family has had quite enough of my victory lap from the HVAC heating of this past winter.

But I finally did something right when it came to heating this house and controlling the costs of the gas furnace.

Where we live, the winter is long, cold and unrelenting. For sure, you want to get the proper heating maintenance in the fall before going into the winter. I sure wouldn’t want to be dealing with a heating breakdown when it’s in the single digits outside. We’re lucky because we have a backup wood stove we can use in an emergency. But our primary heating source is the gas furnace and I make sure it’s good and tuned up prior to the beginning of the long cold winter. However, that’s all I’d been doing for all these years when it came to prepping the house for winter. I was just too lazy sitting in my recliner on my days off to get off my butt and deal with it. But the continuing rise of HVAC heating costs got to the point where I could no longer ignore winter prep. I went to the website of our HVAC company where I found a detailed strategy for sealing up the house tight in order maximize HVAC efficiency. Taking it step by step, I just followed along the checklist over the course of a couple of weekends. Really, it wasn’t that tough and I ended up saving nearly 25 percent on heating costs. Plus, the house was cozier than it had ever been before!

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