I hate that the raccoons damaged my outdoor air conditioner components

I hate that the raccoons damaged my outdoor air conditioner components

Nick September 22, 2022

Raccoons are such pains! I can’t think of all of the trouble that they have caused us over the past few weeks here around our house… They even ended up cutting up the A/C component that all of us had installed in the back behind our garage.

This is the first time that I have ever heard of anything crazy like this happening; I have never heard of a neighbor or family member having problems with raccoons the way that I have this summer.

It’s love there is an army of raccoons as well as they are all out to get me. They play around out there on top of my trash cans as well as on top of my A/C component as well as they end up dropping all kinds of things down inside of it.A few weeks ago, they somehow managed to jam a stick down inside of the fan blades as well as now my A/C won’t work! However of course, as luck would have it, it is now the hottest month of the year as well as I do not have an A/C in my house. I am resting here at my table trying to work as well as the sweat is just rolling down my face. The longer I sit here, the more I get mad at the fact that these little pests did this to me! I am feeling somewhat bitter about the raccoons as well as their reign of terror. I have decided that I am going to call our local pest control supplier as well as get rid of these rodents, then right after that, I guess I am gonna have to call my local supplier too as well as have them come as well as maintenance the A/C for me.