If you turn the thermostat too far down it will freeze the air conditioner

If you turn the thermostat too far down it will freeze the air conditioner

Nick September 22, 2022

My mom used to tell myself and others that I would freeze up the air conditioning idea if I turned the temperature control down all the way in the summer, even though I never honestly wanted to listen to his about that, I would always go plus mess around with the temperature control settings plus it used to make his so mad because I wouldn’t ever listen.

She told me and others that he was gonna put a code on the temperature control equipment so that I would not be able to adjust the digital temperature control, even though I did not think of her.

I thought that he was just threatening myself and others to try to get myself and others to stop increasing the temperature settings myself! Then one weekend when he was out of town, I turned the temperature control all the way down to 62 degrees because I thought that it was too warm in the house. I like the fact that it got to be cold, freezing inside plus I was wearing a sweater plus Christmas socks around the up-to-date home even though the temperature outside was in the 90s. I got a real kick out of that, up until the end of the weekend when the cooling idea stopped finally working. I also couldn’t figure out why it had stopped finally working, plus then I realized that our mom’s worst nightmare had come true. The air conditioning idea had frozen up because I had turned the temperature down too low for too long. That was the last straw for our mom, however after he got a condo that weekend plus found out what I had done, he was so mad that he ended up getting a programmable temperature control that he could enter a security code into.

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