My mom was so mad at me

My mom was so mad at me

Nick September 22, 2022

My mom used to tell me that I would freeze up the air conditioning system if I turned the thermostat down all the way in the summer, but I never really wanted to listen to her about that.

I would constantly go and mess around with the thermostat settings and it used to make her so mad because I wouldn’t listen.

She told me that she was gonna put a code on the thermostat unit so that I would not be able to adjust the digital thermostat, but I did not believe her. I thought that she was just threatening me to try to get me to stop adjusting the temperature settings myself. Then one weekend when she was out of town, I turned the thermostat all the way down to 62 degrees because I thought that it was too hot in the house. I love the fact that it got to be freezing cold inside and I was wearing a sweater and Christmas socks around the house even though the temperature outside was in the 90s. I got a real kick out of that, up until the end of the weekend when the cooling system stopped working. I couldn’t figure out why it had stopped working, and then I realized that my mom’s worst nightmare had come true. The air conditioning system had frozen up because I had turned the temperature down too low for too long. That was the last straw for my mom. After she got home that weekend and found out what I had done, she was so mad that she ended up getting a programmable thermostat that she could enter a security code into.

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