A field trip to the cooling industry

A field trip to the cooling industry

Nick January 5, 2023

I have been leading the training program at the local company for a few years now, and I enjoy it.

Something about instilling critical skills in someone fills me with a sense of pride and joy.

I constantly organize field trips to the district office’s cooling industry so they can have an option to witness the chronology of the cooling technology used in the cooling equipment. Though they learn a lot about the advancement of modern technology and the introduction of modern heat and A/C products, seeing them in person helps the modern corporations put a name to a machine. This year was no different. I organized a field trip to the company center with our class as the last interest of the week. The recruits looked forward to interacting with some of the newest equipment, including the HVAC and the programmable temperature controls. It was a warm day, however that did not dampen our holiday spirit. We got to the center a little past ten. The company center assigned a cooling expert to show us around the location. He took us through the quality Heating and Air Conditioning the recruits and I would handle and started the tour. Our first stop was where all the modern Heating and Air Conditioning systems were put when they hit the market. He then showed us a video of an air conditioner upgrade, and boy oh boy, did our Heating and Air Conditioning techs ask a million questions. I felt honestly proud because such questions often mean they understand or seek to understand better. One of our students even challenged a more experienced Heating and Air Conditioning professional to a competition to see who would remove or install air conditioner filters. I proudly report that our student won, by 1 second. We had such an informative and educational day.

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