Both brothers go to the spa

Both brothers go to the spa

Nick September 27, 2023

My whole family is on a facial kick, then my brother found a spa that offers all sorts of facial treatments like microneedling, injections, & fillers for the face.

You can also get them to just push out your blackheads, exfoliate, & cleanse the skin.

My brother & his wifey go once a month, they care about getting their skin taken care of, and i recently found out my sibling in law gets standard botox & face injections; She does it to reduce great lines & wrinkles. I find it entirely odd that she is in her early 30s getting botox, however but, apparently it wears off & isn’t one of those plastic looking procedures celebs get. My other brother is now going to the spa for facials. I know that is all great & dandy, however I can’t entirely go. They pusha nd push however I have a 10 month son. I also live over an hour away from the spa. I don’t have 400 bucks to spend yearly on my skin either. My brothers don’t have adolescents, make more than double me, & work from home, but popping over to a spa appointment isn’t a giant deal. They keep saying I need to do it. I am sure I would entirely care about the facial. I bet I would feel refreshed & young looking. I don’t want to spend the money or the time though. So perhaps I will find some local spa & get a much cheaper facial. I don’t need anything extravagant like anti-aging injections.



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