The Desk Was Restricting Air Flow

The Desk Was Restricting Air Flow

Nick September 26, 2023

Last week, I was promoted at work and I was thrilled! Not only did I receive a pay increase, but I was given a private office space.

The office was what I was most excited about because I’d always worked in a shared area with everyone else.

I was also excited because the private office had its own heat and air system and thermostat that I would have access to 24/7. One of the worst things about the shared office space was that there was no control over the thermostat. One of the managers had access to the thermostat and it was locked by a clear protective box so that nobody could change it. One of the first things that I did when I moved all of my things into the office was change the thermostat settings because I could. I adjusted the furnace up a few degrees and I heard the heat trying to enter my space. As I was sitting at my desk though, I noticed that the furnace would kick on and only run for a moment before shutting off again. The temperature of the office wasn’t increasing like I had set it to. I walked about the room and tried to find the problem, when I noticed that there was a huge reason the temperature wasn’t changing. The back of my desk was covering the air vent on the wall so the air couldn’t enter! This was confusing the furnace and causing problems. Thankfully, once I moved the desk to a new position, the furnace started heating the room properly again.