Family reunion has A/C issues

Last week, I had all several of my siblings plus their kids stay at my condo for a family reunion.

Thankfully, my condo is huge enough to hold everyone comfortably, but it was kaos having everyone in the condo all at once.

There were kids running around, parents complaining about the cramped quarters plus the worst of it all was the fact that my heating plus cooling plan stopped working. Of course the heating plus cooling plan would stop working when I had everyone over at my condo. Despite the fact that I knew that I was just going to have to muddle through so I called a local A/C supplier right away to have them come out to the condo plus look at the A/C system; My brother tried to tell myself and others that he could repair my cooling plan for free, despite the fact that I have learned my lesson the hard way not to accept help from someone that professional at what they are doing. I didn’t want my brother to cause more problems with the cooling plan than both of us were already having. I hope that I am not going to have to pay a bunch of currency to the A/C supplier to come out so last minute. I am sure they will try to get as much currency as possible. However, everyone in the condo was complaining because it was getting so hot, I genuinely hope that I can get this issue fixed so my family will stop whining about the heat as if I had planned for my A/C to break down.


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