The A/C helps me play videogames professionally

I don’t want to sit here and argue that gaming is a realistic way to pay for a family.

However, I’m not lying when I say that I play video games professionally in order to support the family! My partner can stay home, while our children have everything they need and a few things they want.

I have been saving every penny that I have received from winning each tournament. While I try not to splurge on anything, there was one thing that I have always depended on – air conditioning! I have to have our room at the perfect temperature all night long, just to play games as effectively as possible. See, sitting in a comfy chair all day makes you either too warm and cozy, or flat-out uncomfortable from your sore butt. When the control unit is fighting against you and making you feel cold, you have no choice but to fight back! I love having the cooling system turned genuinely low, as the feeling of the frigid air on my body makes me jumpy! That of course means my reflexes are sharpened. In the winter, the furnace is set to a temperature that feels a bit too hot for me, but I refuse to turn our control unit down to make it colder! My family enjoys being warm, and so do I by proxy. When I first started playing games professionally, I contacted this local Heating & A/C company to see what they could do to make the game room more comfortable for my job. The Heating & A/C worker provided me various options, and I could either install a zone-controlled control unit that would allow me to heat different areas of our condo individually. Alternatively, I could install a ductless mini-split cooling system that would be able to both heat & cool the room no matter the season!



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