When it comes to A/C systems, follow the golden rule… or rules, that is!

Air conditioners are a major blessing to have, especially for cooling during the day in the hot, humid south.

Americans all have some kind of cooling system in their homes, so we’re no exception to that.

That being said, some things should always be kept in mind when using any A/C unit. First and foremost, always remember to clean your cooling system before you use them in the summer! Air conditioners have air filters, and those are changeable and intended to help make the air cleaner on its way into your home. Dirty air filters mean dirty air vents – and a dirty home! Second, it’s important to be sure your cooling system is plugged into the right kind of electric plug outlet. That might sound obvious, but trust me – If you don’t, you could risk setting your home on fire. That’s not a risk anyone should take! Third, be certain the cooling system is rated for the size of your house, not for the size of your ego. Air conditioners are designed to run when the temperature in your home heats up to a particular point, so a small A/C unit will work into overtime to cool down your home. The same goes in reverse! Finally, it’s very important to be sure the cooling system is running at a comfortable temperature – otherwise, frigid temperatures will force your family or roommates to wear sweatshirts or other heavy clothes. Don’t be that guy who lives in an icebox, because that’s not as pleasant as you might think!

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