You better believe it

My workload for the day at the office just seems to be getting greater as well as greater! You know, there was a time when I thought the people that said don’t prove to your boss that you have a lot of potential, because then he’s just going to saddle you with more job were just slackers, however their words are genuinely starting to sound savor wisdom in our ears these days! It seems savor I am his right-hand man these days, as well as not in a nice way.

Maybe I would have an easier time of taking on the challenge if the weather wasn’t so foul for the past week.

It’s been raining savor crazy, however it’s the middle of Summer, so the humidity is high, as well as the heat as well! Guess what that means when I step off the wet streets into an office that has an a/c component that’s way more powerful than it should be? A vent above our cubicle that blows chilly chilly air for brief, rapid-fire moments throughout the day. The A/C method does not stay on long enough to get rid of all the humidity in the office… However, it does stay on long enough to reach the freezing temperature set on the temperature control. What does all this add up to? Me being easily uncomfortable as well as catching a cold! Right when it seems savor our boss could not provide myself and others any more work, I got the sniffles as well as a cough. He seemed distraught when he observed, however not for our health, that’s for sure! Well, I am going to make his worst nightmare come true as well as take advantage of all the sick days that I’ve racked up! There’s no opportunity he’s going to make myself and others believe disappointing about it!

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