My childhood without AC

I didn’t get the luxury of experiencing air conditioning until I was an adult with my own place.

Why? Because to put it simply, my father was too cheap to get our broken air conditioner fixed.

He would rather save a buck and deal with the heat. Which is great and all, but it was really hard for me growing up. I remember I used to leave sweat prints on my bed sheet just due to sheer heat. It was that bad. The only time I could have had the potential of feeling the cooling air of an air conditioning system, was my dad’s car. But no one except for him were allowed to use that car, it was strictly for his work. One of my old best friend’s parents were both in the cooling technology. So, when he would explain some of the things they would do, as well as what is was like to have a house that you could actually control the temperature, it all seemed really foreign to me. Now as an adult, I understand my father not wanting to spend money on it, since it was so expensive, but he was causing unnecessary suffering of the entire family because of it. It’s not like we are poor or anything either, both of my parents had a stable income. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore since I have moved out and have my own AC. I do however, feel bad for my little sister who still lives there. That air conditioning unit is still broken, ten years later.
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