Working in construction

For a big portion of my life, I have worked in construction.

I’ve worked on and help make several buildings, some of which, turned out to be a success.

Construction is not a job for the softies, it’s a hard and oftentimes an overbearing job. You often are pushing yourself to your limits, as well as the job is in general dangerous. One of my coworkers had fallen off the roof of a house he was constructing. Luckily, he was not severely injured. My worst injury was when I accidentally nailed my thumb to a board. That was fun. One of the most torturous things about working in construction, is working in the summertime. You have no idea what it’s like to be high up on the roof or something, and have the direct sunlight hitting you for hours on end. It honestly feels like someone dropped a one-hundred-pound furnace from hell on you. Not to mention the sunburns I have received. Those sunburns feel like fire underneath in my skin. My good friend who is in the HVAC industry talks about fixing air conditioners and furnaces and how it can be difficult. I would happily trade him any day to fix some cooling systems rather than being burned alive outside. Another fun part of working in construction is the physical effects it has on your body. Construction puts a lot of wear and tear on your body, and you have to be fairly strong to be able to handle it. I have finally retired from construction, and I couldn’t be happier. Although I still cringe when I come across a construction site.
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