Heating options on a cold and dark winter night

My hubby is actually quite Charming. He is a great man with quite a huge part of his own. My guy is one of the most amazing gentleman, but he gets colder than anyone I have ever seen or met. My guy has an internal thermostat that easily seems to be set for a low range. He is always very sensitive to cold air, and that means that our heating settings are almost always higher than most others. There aren’t many rational ways to speak about the cold air. When we are in our home, my guy seems to be extremely chilly. Even through a layer of t-shirt, sweatshirt, as well as jacket, it’s still kind of cold. The whole scene is strange to see him reapply many different layers. As soon as my guy is in our home, he is immediately looking to find a place to set that is underneath the heater in addition to air conditioner vents. During the summer, my guy hardly ever needs to use the air conditioner. During the winter, the heat runs Non-Stop. It’s hard to be in the same room, because my hubby prefers the temperature is much warmer than myself. The two of us were discussing all of these issues with a heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning technician. The person suggested that a great way to help out our problem was to install a Zone control system. The Zone control system allows both of us to have individual temperatures set in different rooms in our own single house. We even have ductless options that could add an extra heater to one room with very little problem.

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