I’m not handy, but someone is

My dad raised myself and others to be a tool guy.

Or, at least he really tried to.

He wanted myself and others to be the kind of dude that could service any sort of household or automotive problem for his family. Though, to be clear, that just never took. I am just so not the handiest human nor do I care about tools and gadgets. I stick to just fixing electronic stuff such as cellphones and iPads. However, thanks to a single of our handiest neighbors, I was able to be far cozier and more energy efficient through the Winter season weeks while concurrently saving on Heating and A/C costs. One fall afternoon at a time when the two of us were enjoying a beer on our patio, I mentioned to my bud how I was dreading Winter season. Our apartment is heated through an oil furnace but, I never feel like it’s really warm. There seems to be a draft. I even called the Heating and A/C business before. The Heating and A/C tech said our chill problem inside the house was not Heating and A/C oriented. I was telling our neighbor in detail about this when he jumped up and meandered over to his garage. We patiently waited til dark and the temp dropped down to where the Heating and A/C heat was running pretty steady. He soon brought out a temperature gun. All you had to do, it turns out, was point this thing and it would tell you the exact temperature readout of that surface. We started going around the entire apartment attempting to detect precisely where Heating and A/C was leaking out or cold was seeping in. I was nothing short of stunned to find that there were still several spots all around our house letting out air. We marked each a single. I was able to see or insulate all those areas. The final results are astounding as the apartment is entirely cozy. And, the daily savings on the utility bill have been awesome.

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