A separate HVAC service program is great for those leasing

A separate HVAC service program is great for those leasing

Nick June 29, 2020

There are so many different perspectives when it comes to renting vs.

owning a home.

I think that is pretty fundamental. If I had the funds for a down payment, I imagine that I would be owning a home. However, I am still in the beginning stages of my career and saving my money. So, I rent. It’s cool that I don’t have to replace the fridge or the HVAC if they quit. I like the fact that someone else cuts my grass and trims the hedges. There is a lot to be said for being able to rent or lease the place you live. However, I find there are always inherent problems. Recently, I moved into a leased condo. I figured, while it’s not home ownership, it’s a step up. All those rotten apartments with the terrible HVAC were in the rear view mirror. Those HVAC systems were so antiquated and under powered to begin with. But the rental company just never really did anything to improve their performance. I never saw anyone from an actual HVAC company. Any repairs or servicing was done by the apartment handy man. So, I thought that this would change with the condo lease. I was disappointed to find that the HVAC was still less than adequate. The rental company and I went round and round about it but we finally came to a mutually agreeable solution. I pay for semi annual HVAC service charges and they pay for any parts or repair. While I still think that the HVAC should be good in any rental situation. At least, this scenario will provide me with as reliable an HVAC method as possible.

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