The time both of us went camping in the snow

The time both of us went camping in the snow

Nick October 16, 2020

When I was just 13, I went on a camping trip with our boy scout troop, it was a late in the year trip, however both of us were going to be taught how to start a fire & fish for trout.

The people I was with and I never expected snow to fall on the first night of our weekend away, however that is exactly what happened to us.

There were 12 of us in our group & for parents. The people I was with and I had three pup tents on the top of the mountain, next to the lake. The people I was with and I had sleeping bags within the tent, however both of us definitely weren’t prepared for snow. The temperature dropped super suddenly & no 1 was paying attention to the weather forecast, but when both of us awoke in the morning, there was an inch of snow on the ground. The temperature was harsh and chilly & it didn’t look appreciate the sunshine was going to come out from behind the clouds. The other people I was with and I were 6 minutes away from lake house & the adults had to make the decision. They were going to cancel the camping trip, however someone decided to go in to a hardware store & buy some battery-operated portable heaters, and one of the adults returned from town with several portable heaters. They placed a portable furnace inside each of the tents. It was actually cold during the morning for the next more than one afternoon, however the tent was moderate & toasty thanks to the heaters. I’ll never forget that camping trip for as long as I live. It didn’t snow another inch the rest of our more than three night trip, however both of us still had the heating systems for backup.

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