It’s important to get the a/c put in before the baby comes

It’s important to get the a/c put in before the baby comes

Nick September 22, 2022

My sibling in law has absolutely been putting off getting their current air conditioning plan installed, and my sibling is pregnant with twins and her due date is coming up absolutely soon, since twins are born notoriously early… I think that they should have already had the air conditioning installed already although he is just waiting around for it for some reason or another, he says that he just does not have the money right now, however I don’t think that that’s true, and i think that he just enjoys to procrastinate for some reason.

It absolutely gets on our nerves, but other than that kind of thing, he has a pretty wonderful sibling-in-law.

He’s wonderful to our siblings and I think he will be a wonderful dad. My sibling just knows that she is absolutely going to want to have the air conditioning all set up and ready to go before the babies come. I don’t blame her for that at all. I remember when I first had our son. I got so hot all the time when he was nursing and when he was sleeping in bed with me! There is also no way that I want to be holding a hot little baby when I am also hot! That’s double the body temperature right there! Anyway, I told our sibling-in-law that if he knows what’s wonderful for him, he would call the local heating and air conditioning supplier to get an appointment set-up to get the new central air conditioning installed. The sooner they do it the better, and then at least that way it will be done and they will not have to worry about it anymore

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