The cooling system is how old?

The cooling system is how old?

Nick April 29, 2021

My family is a freak about maintenance as well as upkeep.

She is the sort of woman who fills out all sorts of warranty cards for everything she buys.

She is the woman who cleans up the entire kitchen as soon as she finishes eating, every single meal. I really don’t mean any of this is a downside way, it’s just amazing to me because I am 100% not similar to that at all. She takes immaculate care of her car, her sod, as well as her entire home, as well as is consistently stressed with some chore or another. Because of this underlying fact, the things she owns last for a deranged amount of time. Her cooling system is actually the same 1 I had when I was a kid, which makes it well over 25 years old at this point. This is unheard of for an cooling system of that time period! I asked how she did it, as well as she said that she only turned on the A/C a few times a year for many decades, either on a brutally hot morning or if she had a supplier coming over. She could go for weeks at time without touching the temperature control unit, which is silly to me! On top of that, she had the whole entire system diagnosed as well as tested by an Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech at least once a year, even if she didn’t need it. The whole system was immaculate, literally from top to bottom, as well as even the air vents as well as air duct were sparkling clean.

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