Home window tinting services

Home window tinting services

Nick June 18, 2021

I wanted to have solar window movies installed on our windows.

I had done a lot of research, even though I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with installing them on our 8X10 picture window.

That was a giant expanse of glass, as well as I distraught I would not be able to do it by myself. I called a window tinting service company as well as asked if they could do the task for me. When I called, they asked me what kind of window film I wanted installed as well as what was the size of the window. He whistled when I told him the size as well as I explained how I wanted window film that would help with keeping the heat inside. I also wanted it to be a privacy film. He told me the average cost of window film ran $2-$100 per square foot of window film. Installation would be an additional $5 – $10 per square foot. I was looking at an 77 square foot of window which, at the lowest side of the estimate, would $560. I wasn’t expecting to spend money that much for window tinting. I was considering purchasing a window film that was about $15 a square foot. I thought it was pretty as well as it would also do what I wanted. That was $120, even though I was not expecting to spend money an additional $400 plus for upgrade. When our partner came home, I told him about our iphone call. He told me that the people I was with and I had to rethink the window film or try to figure out how to install it on our own.

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