Jackson installed a new AC in the renovated basement

Jackson installed a new AC in the renovated basement

Nick June 28, 2021

When Jackson got a promotion at work, he knew he needed to act fast.

It was a great opportunity since he had enough funds to buy his first house.

He had a passion for real estate and wanted to own several properties. That prompted him to get in touch with a real estate agent and started searching for the right house to buy. Jackson didn’t mind if the home had a few problems since he was ready to do renovation work. He got a perfect place and began the upgrade. One area that had been neglected was the basement. It was messy and lacked a proper air ventilation system. While other people discouraged him from installing an AC, he opted to add ductwork. The idea was to have a well-ventilated basement that would upgrade the value of the home. He called an AC vendor near him and met up in the company office. After explaining his idea, the HVAC company gave him a quotation for the HVAC installation. Additionally, the AC technician commended him because basements needed better ventilation. Moisture was the main culprit causing poor ventilation, which resulted in musty dump spaces full of mold. They got to work selecting the proper central heating and cooling unit with enough power to serve the whole house, including the basement. The former AC system was old and lacked the capacity to serve the entire space. Luckily, the HVAC service had good experience with such projects and took Jackson through the entire process. He was glad he was getting value for his money, plus the air conditioning business had excellent reviews online. The aircon installation and repair team went to work adding ducts to the basement and installed the quality HVAC. The difference in the house was like night and day. The basement wasn’t damp anymore, and Jackson had the idea of converting it into a games room.

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