My husband the cooling expert became an overnight sensation

My husband the cooling expert became an overnight sensation

Nick January 5, 2023

We woke up 1 summer time morning to find millions of views on a video that a customer posted of our hubby lifting heavy equipment.

My hubby Bob is a cooling expert with 1 of the most known corporations in the cooling industry.

Bob leads a team that often provides the residents with AC services. Bob’s team had a work order in the suburbs the previous day. The customer had advocated finding help with indoor comfort after his cooling equipment decreased efficiency. He said that the AC had been there for nearly twenty years. Still, the old unit had slowed down in the last few weeks, and it needed to be fixed even after replacing the air conditioner filter. Bob and his team geared up and left. When they assessed the outdated heat and A/C products, they discovered that the heater had cracked because of rust. The customer agreed to purchase a modern Heating and Air Conditioning unit that the Heating and Air Conditioning tech recommended. The customer is a very famous photographer who snapped a picture of Bob removing the outdated unit. The Heating and Air Conditioning professionals continued with the air conditioner upgrades of the modern quality Heating and Air Conditioning system. The unit displayed the latest cooling technology. Bob’s team cleaned their workspace and returned to the offices after taking the customer through how to operate the programmable temperature control. With Bob’s consent, the photographer posted the photo on his blog, which blew up the internet. Bob became the warm modern corporation. We woke up to millions of tags and messages. Bob and I switched off our phones and enjoyed each other’s company all through the weekend, and by Sunday night, the spotlight was on another topic. The best thing was that it was free advertising for his business.

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