A buildup of dust in my home and air ducts

A buildup of dust in my home and air ducts

Nick April 4, 2023

I could tell that I was going to need ductwork cleaning very soon.

Whenever my dust allergies begin to act up, that is usually about the time that I do a thorough cleaning of my home.

I do a spring clean once a year, but the one spot I obviously can not reach is the air ducts. The air duct cleaning is a job I leave up to the professional air conditioning workers. I have air duct cleaning every 3 or so years to ensure they stay clean. The spring clean takes me a few days, and the air duct cleaning from a HVAC technician team takes a few hours, but it is well worth it, because I go the rest of the year mostly symptom free. I have had quite a few people, friends and strangers alike, tell me about their allergies, and this is what I would recommend. Oftentimes, a lot of people don’t believe me at first until they try it themselves. They can’t believe the solution would be so simple! A lot of people think they would have to buy a whole home media air cleaner to resolve the issue. While a whole home media air cleaner is a great device, it is also pretty expensive, and so it is not the best option for those who cannot afford it. Anyways, I scheduled a heating and air conditioning appointment with the local HVAC dealer. The duct work cleaning will be in a few days from now.

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