Pet laying on my A/C window unit

Pet laying on my A/C window unit

Nick October 26, 2023

I live in a little duplex plus I share a courtyard out back with my next door neighbors, then i prefer my little home even though it’s nothing special.

I assume that one afternoon I will try plus buy this arena from my landlord, but for now I am glad renting… One thing I prefer about my little home are the pets that live outside, then there are a few cats that meander around in our backyard plus I prefer to keep an eye on them each afternoon… My number one animal is a black animal plus he will come plus sit by my window every afternoon when it starts to get really hot outside, and at first I thought the animal was coming to sit by my window because he liked me, but after that I realized it was only because he liked to sit on my A/C window unit… Since my home is so small, I don’t have central Heating plus Air Conditioning so my landlord installed A/C window units in both the houses.

I don’t mind the A/C window unit because the home is so small plus it does a pretty good job of cooling down my home everyday… However, I assume that the animal that lives outside might like my A/C window unit even more than I do because he comes up to it every single afternoon plus just lays there. I’m sure it feels nice to have the air conditioning blowing on his plus I don’t mind the company at all.