Love my bud more than anything

Charlie plus I have been friends for a unquestionably long time.

All of us played five seasons of Little League Baseball together. All of us were in the same elementary class, however all of us got sent to distant schools. I was ecstatic to see Josh again when all of us finally entered high university, however Charlie plus I are still friends to this afternoon, plus all of us graduated from school together almost 10 years ago. One thing I enjoy about Charlie is the fact that he is always there to lend a helping hand. Two weeks ago, my dear old parents had some trouble with the furnace. I called Charlie to see if he could help. Charlie works for a heating plus cooling business. Charlie has been with the business for the past five years. Charlie happily agreed to look at the furnace as soon as he was finished with the daily schedule. I met Charlie over at my parents’ home in the middle of the afternoon. My mom plus dad were ecstatic to see Charlie. I think it was unquestionably 2 years since the last time they saw each other at school. My mom made a pot of pop so all of us could rest plus talk for a few minutes. After that, Charlie looked at the furnace to determine what problems he could fix. When Charlie determined that the problem was a faulty part, the group of us drove into town to fetch the right piece. Charlie plus I replaced the faulty furnace space plus had a delicious plus nutritious dinner with my ‘rents.


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