Everything was shut down.

Everything was shut down.

Nick September 15, 2020

Everyone is well aware of how the entire country had been shut down not too long ago.

  • There is a difference between understanding why it happened and actually being able to accept it.

Many people accepted the shut down as a chance to spend time with their family. I thought that too until winter ended and we were looking at summer. By then, my kids were getting tired of being in the house. We were taking our bikes to the beach and riding, but that wasn’t doing it for them. They wanted to go to the zoo. By the time they reopened the local zoo,, it was so hot outside, that all I wanted to do was stay home with the air conditioning. My kids were so happy to see the zoo opening and I couldn’t deny them the chance to go. They waited for this for three months. By the time we got to the zoo, the temperature was almost ninety degrees. The black top that was the path through the zoo was hot and sticky. I kept thinking they should have some portable air conditioner, but I was out of luck. The restaurants weren’t open, so we couldn’t even go in there for the air conditioning. We had only been in the zoo for an hour when my youngest son looked at me and asked if we could go home now? Everyone agreed that as much as they liked the zoo, the air conditioning was better. We could come back when it wasn’t so hot outside.

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