I used to be really good at gambling

I used to be really good at gambling

Nick September 16, 2020

I’ll admit, if I had to name my best talent, it would definitely be gambling.

I like to play poker with friends and sometimes it can get a bit aggressive between us, but even then I almost always won.

It got to the point where some of my friends didn’t want to play me anymore because I was kicking their butt so bad. That was okay with me, because it just showed how skilled I was, and I could always play strangers. Anyways, I ended up quitting a few years ago, because like a lot of people I got a bit too cocky and it cost me greatly. After my major loss I called it quits and didn’t look back. My major loss was when I was playing a stranger more skilled than I, and I was getting frustrated. I thought luck was shining on me once more and out of my frustration and desperation to win again, I better and lost $2,000. I still respect the mysterious skilled stranger I went up against that day, but I have a feeling he will meet his fate one day too. That $2,000 was being saved up to get a brand new heating and cooling system, but now with that gone, I had to deal with horrible heat for several months in a row. Every time I woke up in a sweat, it was a reminder of my loss and how I would have to wait several more months to get a working cooling unit. I did finally get my dream A/C, but the several months of hell without air conditioning was enough for me to call it quits on gambling. My son is now interested in gambling, and I hope he heeds my warning, otherwise he might lose a ton of money and be out of an air conditioner for several months like I was.

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