It’s not my fault I have cold feet.

It’s not my fault I have cold feet.

Nick September 15, 2020

My husband told me he was tired of having my cold feet up against him all the time.

I told him it wasn’t my fault my feet were cold.

If the air vents had been installed properly, the air conditioning would be blowing down from the top of the walls and not right across the floor. He told me that there was no reason why I couldn’t keep shoes, or at least socks on like normal people. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked away. I never wore shoes when I was in the house and I wasn’t about to start now that he didn’t like my cold feet on his legs. I told him that if we could get our home built, the air vents would be where they should be and I wouldn’t have cold feet. That was one of the contentions we had between us. We had been planning our home for the last five years, but nothing was getting done. He was a contractor and I couldn’t figure out what the big hold up was. We had the house plans drawn up and the blueprints were ready. We had the HvAC contractor make up the plans for our HVAC system. I knew that I wanted to have central HVAC. My father was an HVAC contractor. He used to tell us that he would never put AC and heating into the same air vent. The AC air vent had to be at the top of the wall. The thing is that we spent all this money on the plans and the property and now we haven’t moved forward with the building..


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