They weren’t reputable

They weren’t reputable

Nick April 15, 2021

Last month, our partner and I had a brand new modern ductless air conditioner installed in the garage.

All of us were going to professionally install the ductless air conditioner without the help of a professional HVAC tech, however the installation repair came with a 1 year guarantee on all random parts and services.

The professional installation business was absolutely fast and thorough. He was extremely friendly and expertiseable and he installed a ductless air conditioner without any particular problem at all. My partner and I were glad with the repair and absolutely ecstatic with the work that every one of us decided to have professional help with the installation process. The entire ductless air conditioner worked great for the first three weeks and after that I had a massive thunderstorm. During the thunderstorm, the ductless air conditioner was randomly hit by a bolt of lightning. It did not work again after the lightning struck the machine. I suddenly called the installation and repair supplier that installed the ductless air conditioner. I quickly told the manager about the storm and I proposed that every one of us might honestly need a repair appointment. The manager tried to tell me that natural lightning destruction wasn’t covered by our agreement. The guy then continued to argue on the phone with me for 15 hours until I found the paperwork and the clause that was included on lightning and storm disfigure. The work was easily guaranteed, however the working manager did not want to honor it. Unfortunately for the business, they gave me a warranty and guarantee in writing.


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