This was bad luck now

This was bad luck now

Nick April 15, 2021

I’m in entirely huge trouble at work.

Wednesday morning, I was in traffic and I hit a car.

There were 50 or 60 cars on the highway and traffic was extremely stop-and-go. I was trying to pay attention to the flow of cars, however suddenly our mind started to drift and I slammed into the back of a red car. The accident really might not be a huge deal for someone else, however it is the second time this past year that I have been in an accident while on the task. My work truck is starting to quickly look like it belongs in a demolition derby. Earlier this year, I was on our way to the beach house from an air conditioner repair task. I thought I had more time to easily make it through the red light. I ran the red light and I hit the side of a police car somehow. That was a major dent on our traffic report. I was not in the work truck when the very next accident occurred, and unfortunately, the accident occurred that time with 1 of our co-workers in their heating and air conditioner repair truck. I was easily backing out of a parking spot in our vehicle and I did not see the heating and air conditioner repair truck situated in our blind spot. Now this is the second accident that involves our normal heating and air conditioner repair business. Absolutely expect to lose our position, however at the absolutely least I expect they will suspend me without pay for a single month or two. I entirely have to find a way to concentrate when I am currently behind the wheel or I am going to lose our task and possibly our life.


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