A tight house is a cozy house

A tight house is a cozy house

Nick May 27, 2021

I’m one of the few people who doesn’t complain about the winter.

And I’m not even from here.

My neighbors seem to just hate the weather here. They say it’s too cold for too long in the winter. And that the summer heat and humidity are a bother. I actually am from an region where the heat and humidity is not just a bother but can be down right dangerous. These summers are nothing like that and the air conditioning here is more than adequate to deal with the summer temperatures. I will agree that the winter here is long and cold. And the heating bills can get steep. There is no doubt about that. But, I’ve really come to enjoy winter weather. I love the snow and I like winter activities like hockey and skiing. This was a shocker to me because all my friends warned me about the winter. They told me that I wouldn’t leave the HVAC comfort of my house. Or that I would turn around and come home. Instead, I’ve learned more about the winter and how best to manage it. I found out pretty quick how important it is to have a tight house. We have a very efficient gas furnace and it’s still kind of expensive heating the house all winter. But making sure that heating is staying inside the house is a very, very big deal. So I make sure that storm doors are in good shape. Weather stripping gets replaced and their is sufficient insulation in the house. Beyond that, I just say bring on the cold and bring on the snow.



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