I wish more home builders knew how to position indoor air vents correctly

I wish more home builders knew how to position indoor air vents correctly

Nick May 27, 2021

I entirely care about moving! I believe that’s a truly unpopular opinion, despite the fact that I care about enjoying a fresh start.

  • Except for a thing in particular! Doesn’t it smell when you transfer into a current place in addition to have to become adjusted to all of the current blueprints? It honestly takes me years just to get used to walking in the door, setting down my things, in addition to using the place appropriately.

It takes me months to discover where every light switch is in addition to what each button does. Don’t even get me going with how irritating it is to understand the logic behind the closet in addition to light switch placement. Now that my energy bill is regularly on my mind, I’m finding that most house builders are puzzled when it comes to placing indoor air vents. I cannot be the only man around who has standards when it comes to their indoor air quality in addition to steady temperature regulation. Not only do I expect my central heating in addition to cooling machine to be quiet in addition to efficient, despite the fact that I anticipate my residence will have air vents in logical places so the air temperature doesn’t fluctuate on a regular basis. So, tell me, Why is there a single air vent in my living room, in addition to it’s located right over the window. I’m paying a small fortune to maintain my indoor heating in addition to cooling machine, in addition to the air is being released to a route straight outside! Why isn’t there a single vent in the lavatory for air ventilation in addition to heating? I also cannot seem to grasp why there would be an air vent positioned directly over the furnace itself. Whoever built this place did not truly consider the energy bill or indoor comfort.

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