My local gym has membership discounts for senior citizens

My local gym has membership discounts for senior citizens

Nick August 26, 2021

I think it’s great that my parents can get discounts everywhere they go because they’re senior citizens.

Last week we all went to the smoothie shop and their whole order was discounted by 30%.

Although I would have liked a discount as well, I was really happy for them both. After surviving on this screwed up planet for the last six and a half decades, they deserve a little bit of gratuity from time to time. They both use cannabis for joint pain and it’s great how most of the cannabis dispensaries in our state have senior discounts on everyday of the week, with some being as high as 25-30%. The few dispensaries that don’t offer across-the-board senior discounts usually have a day of the week where people over 65 get their purchase for 20% off. Our local gym tries to retain a lot of older members this way with their huge senior discount. There you can get a gym membership for 40% less if you happen to be over 65 years old. It’s nice to see a fitness center trying to encourage more older folks to join and get healthy in their golden years. There are also group fitness training classes specifically for older age groups that go at a slower pace so no one is left feeling like they can’t keep up. I am relieved that my parents have a safe place to go a few times every week to get exercise and use their muscles and joints to strengthen their bodies and improve their physical health. It’s easy to let yourself go in old age if you lose the drive and energy to get out and exercise every week.

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