It’s all in the direction

It’s all in the direction

Nick November 22, 2021

Directional air flow is very important when you are dealing with portable HVAC equipment.

I recently learned this when I bought a portable air conditioning system to try to save monthly energy use.

I had heard that by using the portable air conditioning system most of the time and only using the central air conditioning at night, that I could save hundreds of dollars a year in the long run. So naturally I wanted to give this a go. What I learned however is that in order to make the portable air conditioning system work to the best of its advantage is to ensure that it is pointed in a certain direction that faces the wall and bounces the air off of that to push it quickly around the room. This is the directional air flow I am talking about. Without proper directional air flow, the portable air conditioning system is not going to work as powerful as it does this way. And you may find yourself wanting to turn on that central air conditioning system and not go fourth with the energy savings plan that you originally set out to do. So always remember, directional air flow is the key! It is more or less the same when it comes to a portable space heater. I learned this as well. I have been saving energy now for a whole year by doing this in the winter and this past summer. It all worked out super great and I highly recommend portable HVAC equipment.


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